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Waiting to Inhale

Waiting to Inhale (2005)

Waiting to Inhale examines the heated debate over marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States. Twelve states have passed legislation to protect patients who use medical marijuana. Yet opponents claim the medical argument is just a smokescreen for a different agenda-- to legalize marijuana for recreation and profit. What claims are being made, and what are the stakes? Waiting to Inhale takes viewers inside the lives of patients who have been forever changed by illness-and parents who lost their children to addiction. Is marijuana really a gateway drug? What evidence is there to support the claim that marijuana can alleviate some of the devastating symptoms of AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis? Waiting to Inhale sheds new light on this controversy and presents shocking new evidence that marijuana could hold a big stake in the future of medicine.

Genre: Documentary

Website: http://www.waitingtoinhale.org/

themoviedb.org: https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/51611

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0899179/

Director(s) / Writer(s):

Jed Riffe
Jed Riffe
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